Master of Science - Curriculum

Master's and Doctoral Programs

The Graduate Institute of Animal Science offers graduate work leading to the Master's degree in Agriculture Science. The Institute offers opportunities for study and research in animal feeding, nutrition, management, genetics, breeding, reproduction, physiology, and utilization of animal products. The Institute believes that preparation for teaching and for research are both important. Thus, students are encouraged to take a variety of formal courses and advanced seminars, and are required to begin their master's thesis research in their first semester.

Master of Science - Curriculum

Major Requirements: 14 credits
Electives: 16 credits
Total 30 credits

Major Requirements

Thesis 3-3
Seminar (I) 1-1
Seminar (II) 1-1
Techniques in Animal Science Researc2-2


Writing the Scientific Report 2-0
Advanced Chemistry of Animal Products 0-3
Theory and Practice of Analytic Instruments 3-0
Advanced Meat Technology 3-0
Experimental Design 3-3
Special Topics in Non-ruminant Nutrition 3-0
Energy Metabolism 0-2
Vitamin Biochemistry 2-0
Advanced Reproductive Physiology 3-0
Special Topics in Feeds and Feeding 2-0
Endocrinology in Farm Animals 0-3
Mineral Biochemistry 0-2
Processing of Animal Byproducts 0-2
Microbiology of Animal Products 3-0
Advanced Dairy Products 0-3
Quality Control of Dairy Products 0-2
Quality Control of Meat Products 2-0
Amino Acid and Protein Metabolism 2-0
Special Topics on Ruminant Nutrition 0-2
Advanced Computer Feed Formulation 0-2
Physiology of Lactation 3-0
Neuroendocrinology 0-3
Environmental Physiology 3-0
Reproductive Biology I.II 3-3
Advanced Animal Breeding 2-0
Quantitative Genetics 0-2
Special Topics in Nutrient Metabolism 2-0
Radioimmunoassay 1-0
Statistics Analysis System 0-1
Fermentation of Animal Products 2-0
Special Topic of Molecular Biology 3-0
Special Topic of Cellular Physiology 0-3
Special Topic of Biotechnology 3-0
Production of Transgenic Animal 2-2
Advanced Biotechnology 3-0